Focussed Support

Food For Thought

Food for Thought- A sensory cooking session, focusing on interacting with each ingredient rather than the final product. Clients will explore where ingredients come from.

Camera Stroll

Camera Stroll – Clients will explore the community and capture memories through the medium of photography. This session will prelude the scrapbooks session.

Messy Art

Messy Art- An opportunity for Clients to get messy with art! The messier the better! Clients will have the opportunity to work on giant collaborative projects that focus on the …

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My Way

My Way – Session based around personal goals. Possible an aim to develop confidence and comfort at BSF and aim to join sessions in the future. Doing activities based around …

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Cuppa Fun

Cuppa Fun – A session based around a combination of clients niche interests. Clients will have the opportunity to have lots of silly fun with: slapstick comedy; lip syncing to …

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Scrap Books

Scrap books- A follow on session from Camera Stroll. This sessions focus is to collate the memories photographed and gives clients opportunity to reflect on their shared experiences.

Fill Up My Senses

Fill up my senses – A session exploring our five senses and what we can experience with them. This may be an opportunity to explore sensory story/massage and tacpacs.

Art Beat

Art Beat- A client led art session following their hearts and desires for their individual expression of art.