Hydrotherapy Sweet Success

Now that the dust has settled, the Hydrotherapy suite and our new extension is open, we just wanted to say a massive thank you and welcome people from the community to come and have a look around the newest facilities in Hillsborough. 

With such an amazing space opening we are going to be able to offer our clients such a broad range of activities all contained in one place. From swimming in the hot pools, being massaged by water jets, to interacting with sensory objects and stimulating spaces. 

We opened the doors to our new centre on Friday 20th September 2019, see how it went here. What a wonderful day when our clients and staff saw for themselves what had been happening behind the builders fencing. We had a couple of quick speeches with audience participation from our excited clients and then some assistance to cut the ribbon. We has a special guest, well one of our staff dressed as a diver to assist in building the atmosphere. Then the doors were opened for guided tours of the new facilities, with staff on hand to explain what each of the rooms has been designed for and to demonstrate some of the new equipment.


The idea for the main space in the centre is to encourage clients with profound and multiple learning disabilities to experience movement and develop physical activity, so now, with support from Bailey Thomas, Veolia Environmental Foundation and Big Lottery we have the equipment to assist with this, from the hydrotherapy pool for aqua therapy to rockers that can convert wheelchairs into rocking chairs. We have lots of soft matting to get people out of their chairs and onto the floors and swings suspended from the ceilings to give clients the freedom of movement, whilst being totally supported. We have rooms for external therapists to use when working with our clients such as physiotherapist and Occupational therapists. This means that we can invite these professionals into Burton Street rather than clients families having to transport to lots of different appointments.

We hope that one day soon you will come and visit Burton Street to see for yourselves, how the equipment that you have funded is being used for the benefit of our clients with the highest levels of need and how together we have created the most unique and wonderful centre.

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