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Zahara and Walid’s Couch to 5K! 

As many of you may know, Zahara and Walid; two of our service users are walking a massive 5k for their chosen charities. They are both wheelchair bound, so this is a huge undertaking from them. We want to raise as much money as possible for Heeley City Farm and WAW (World Association of Wrestling) based in Norwich, recently featured on BBC Three’s Step In To The Ring show.

If you would like to read more or donate, please click this link, and thank you for your support.

We support up to 250 clients a week, across a variety of departments to aid in learning and development.


We are a multi-purpose site, many businesses call us home, we offer on site workplace training, and host countless conferences and events each year. 

There is always something going on at Burton Street, see what’s on, plan an event or book your place on one our favourite functions.

This session is designed to be a low-key relaxing session for all and any clients who are interested in joining.  The aim is for us all to experience and learn some techniques which help us relax and feel good at home.


We generally start with a brief chat and a song, followed by some gentle but energising warm ups.  We then slow down and spend a longer period of time with our microphones muted, listening to relaxing music and doing some breathing exercises together, and then enjoy a guided Peace Out meditation.  This is an opportunity for all clients to listen to peaceful and relaxing sounds and experience some stillness and calm.


We advise preparing for this session simply by having to hand any pillows or blankets you may wish to use during the relaxing second half of the session, as people may wish to lay down for this.  However, everyone is free to enjoy this session in whatever way works for them!


The session is intended to offer something for everyone, whether they prefer simply listening to familiar voices and relaxing music, or doing gentle movements alongside this which can help our bodies feel good.


This session runs on Thursday's at 11am. Click here to access

Come join us for burton street bingo! 

This consists of different categories of bingo picture cards, with a great range of themes! There will be loads of fun and laughter.

Educational and fun! 

And of course at the end of each game we will party for our Queen or King of bingo! 


Fridays from 1.30-2.30. Click here to access

One of Burton Street’s favourite characters, Bob, is going to be reading stories with his friendly dog every Wednesday. So please join us, grab a nice warm drink, are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin!

You can find the link to this new session that will run on Wednesday's at 11am. Click here to access

The Magic Pen is a group where we have a friendly chat and talk about different topics. We create poems and stories together and have fun with words. You don't need to write anything if you don't want to, and you are very welcome to bring along anything you have written to share with the group.

To access this session that runs on Friday's at 11am. Click here

Follow along with this session at home as Lesley, Michelle, Reece and Conor all chip in and cook some delicious treats. 

Monday 10th May

Honeycomb Chocolate Fridge Cake


4oz Digestive Biscuits
4oz Milk Chocolate
1.5 oz Butter
2.5 oz golden syrup
2 crunchies


1. Crush digestives
2. Melt chocolate, butter and syrup
3. Break up crunchies
4. Mix wet ingredients with dry
5. Put in tin and press down
6. Set in fridge


It runs on Monday's at 1.30pm. Click here to access.

This zoom session runs on Friday's from 11am-12pm. To access the Zoom session click here

Items to Have in Stock


Scissors • Paint brushes (ideally at least 3, thick, medium and fine) • A brush for glue • A pot for water • A pot for glue • Something to protect your table • An apron or old clothes to wear • A paint pallet • Pencil, rubber and sharpener


PVA glue • Glue stick • Masking tape • Tin foil • Tissue paper (white and a variety of colours) • White paper • Felt tip pens • Poster paint (the ones in bottles) red, blue, yellow, white and black

Other Things Handy to Have

Old newspaper • kitchen roll • Card (old cardboard boxes and/or cereal boxes are good)


Art Attack 23/04/21

Lolly stick Cottage

Items Required

  • A bag of lolly sticks 
  • Glue
  • Card
  • Pen 



Abstract Collage inspired by Kandinsky. 

Materials required for Abstract Collage: 

Paper of different colours (can be pre-cut into strips and triangles depending on whether that is better for the client)

Thick paper for the background

Glue and spreader

Paint (optional)

This session runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1.30pm (Click on the day of the week to access.) 

See your friends shake their stuff on your computer screens and listen to some of your favourite songs whilst dancing your socks off!

This session runs Wednesday's at 1.30pm. Click here to access

Undercroft Cafe - Takeaway Shop

We have an onsite cafe, which is now our Takeaway Shop; open 9.30am-3.30pm Monday-Friday. Serving a full hot lunch menu, cooked by our fabulous chefs Deborah and Steve, and staffed by volunteers, why not pop in to takeaway a snack, coffee or a speciality main menu that changes every day!