Hydrotherapy Suite Specs

So as the big day looms, just 2 days til the jets start pumping! We just wanted to review the benefits of a full hydrotherapy suite. This has been a long project and as we approach opening day, one may ask how this is going to take Burton Street to the next level of activity and rehabilitation.

First of all, the specs; the whole pool is 4 metres in length, long enough to get a decent backstroke going but more importantly big enough for groups to share in the fun. It has 2 built in seats for comfort and a powerful current jet to swim against if needed. It also has 40 different water jets, creating a massaging sensation and when combined with LED lights and Bluetooth enabled speakers – you can be transported to a whole new world of relaxation. The suite is equipped with an inbuilt changing area, with overhead hoist to ensure that everyone can participate. It is fully accessible so everyone can come and enjoy the new facilities.

So how can hydrotherapy benefit you? Whilst this was initially geared to expand on the work we already do – helping children and adults with disabilities – we recognise how great this facility is, especially in the Hillsborough area. So we welcome social use of the pool and for use by people looking to rehabilitate from illness or injury. Health professionals and external organisations are also welcome to hire the pool. In line with our vision, we aim to give back to the community; whether it be getting vulnerable adults in to employment or creating spaces for training and learning. We are entering a new chapter and the brand new hydrotherapy suite is going to improve local facilities massively.

Hydrotherapy has so many benefits; the weight relief from immersion in to water can reduce muscle tension and relieve pain. The weightlessness you feel frees up the limbs and eases movement, and endorphins released while in the pool can alleviate pain.

Warm water raises the body’s temperature, that in turn, increases blood flow leading to a healing effect in injured tissue and damaged muscles or joints.

Most importantly, the whole feel of the place, the lights, the sounds and the facilities will be a great place to unwind. Stress is such a major contributor to illness in a lot of adults, being able to let off some steam and relax will do wonders for you both mentally and physically.

So come check it out on Friday 20th September from 2pm, with the colder night’s drawing in, you could treat yourself to a spa break right on your doorstep sooner than you think!

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