Learning Difficulties Board Launches

Members of the board pose in front of the Bamforth Park mural

Quite a big day for us today, as 12.30pm saw the official formation of the Burton Street Learning Difficulties Board.

Founding members Angi, Elaine, Josh, Martin and Zara have come together specifically to represent the views of people with learning disabilities in an official capacity.

Shaping services around the input of our clients has always been a key part of Burton Street’s activities, but there has never been representation of this kind at an official organisational level.

Today that changed. The Burton Street Learning Difficulties Board is now a part of how we plan, how we think and how we work. It’s a hugely important addition to our structure and a big, positive step forward for Burton Street as a whole.

We’re glad to be working with our new board, and we welcome the valuable input we know they’ll bring to the future of the Burton Street Foundation.

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