Full Monty Anniversary Screening

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the release of The Full Monty. A few key scenes from the film, including the iconic ‘Dole Queue Scene’, were filmed here at Burton Street. As such, it’s a big part of the history of the organisation, and we were keen to commemorate it with a special event.

We kicked off the event in Capel Hall, where staff and clients recreated the dole queue scene in the very place it was filmed. Once that was over, guests wandered over to Burton Hall where they were served locally sourced foot-long hot dogs with Henderson Relish chutney, and a special edition Full Monty ale brewed specially for the event by locally based Neepsend Brew Co.

Once everyone had eaten (and the queue had died down at the bar) we took our seats in Burton Hall. With a little help from Cinema for All’s Equipment Hire Scheme, our Victorian school hall was miraculously transformed into a popup cinema for the evening. The Full Monty’s writer Simon Beaufoy came on stage to introduce a screening of the film.

Approximately 90 people enjoyed the screening, with frequent laughter echoing throughout the corridors. The audience erupted into applause as the credits rolled, before the bar staff once again burst into action as everyone went for another drink.

After a short interval, BBC presenter Andy Kershaw took over hosting duties and welcomed Simon Beaufoy back to the stage for a Q&A session. Andy and Simon had a brief but engaging discussion about the Full Monty and its origins, before the conversation was opened up to the floor and Simon took questions from the audience.

The event closed at around 10pm. Some stayed on for another drink, some stayed to chat with Simon, others headed home to bed. All guests were smiling and were very complimentary about the event.

It was unfortunate that space in Burton Hall had been so limited, as demand had been so high for tickets that we could have easily sold the event twice over. But the small venue did make for a very intimate event, and there was a lovely atmosphere throughout.

The Full Monty 20th anniversary screening was a huge success for Burton Street. It helped us raise funds, it helped us raise our profile, and most importantly gave everyone a great night!

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the following people and organisations who helped make the event happen;

Tim SmithiesDave ThornettUnder The Stars and Maplin Hillsborough for equipment loans, discounts and advice. Andy Kershaw for his wonderful hosting skills during the Q&A. Not sure we could have pulled it off without him. And an extra special thanks goes out to the lovely Simon Beaufoy for agreeing to travel all the way from Oxford to make the whole thing possible, in return for nothing but a hot dog and a pint.

And no event is a success without people actually turning up and enjoying it, so an extra special thanks to everyone who bought tickets and made the event the success it was!

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